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Matthew Thomas Redmond was born to Thomas Redmond and Roshane Allen in April 1990. He holds a BA from Georgetown University . Following the footsteps of two of his great uncles – Harry Jr, and Frederic Delano Blackwell , he currently serves in the United States Army National Guard.

His consumption of politics began in his middle school years. This was a time in American history where 9/11 happened, people were debating whether or not we should go to war with Iraq, the was an economic crash, and government bail-outs.

He considers himself a patriot and is a staunch, unapologetic conservative. He conducts virtual and live summits, where he brings people together to intelligently and rationally “debate” all of the most divisive issues of our times. Matthew is a sought ought speaker who lends his voice and his vote to Keep America Great.

When he’s not helping save the world from socialism and anarchy, he can be seen fishing or skiing, depending on the season. He’s an avid reader and loves to spend time with family and friends.

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